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Ornamental Ceiling Panels


Many ornamental ceiling panels have been used post Victorian era in Australia.

These are panels, which are larger in area than ceiling roses and were traditionally installed as an insert. They normally have a much finer pattern protruding from the ceiling. They would quite often take up a large percentage of the ceiling.

A Sample of one of our panels.


Panels these days are installed in the traditional way of inserting them into the ceiling, or adding them to an existing ceiling and putting a strap around the perimeter to finish the installation.

We have a wide range of ceiling panels.

Some panels are made in sections for easier access and installation.

If we do not have a panel to match your existing we can reproduce your existing one for you.

We use only the best materials to produce our traditionally handmade roses, and we take great pride in the techniques we use in the manufacturing process, which makes our products strong and manageable.