Ceiling Rose

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 Ornamental Ceiling Roses


Many ornamental ceiling roses were used as ornamental vents in the Victorian era due to the open fireplaces needing airflow. In later years these and many new ones have been made solid to stop heat loss.

Ceiling roses have been made for hundreds of years throughout the world. There have been hundreds of styles manufactured in Australia over the past 200 years.


 One of our many designs of ceiling roses.


We have a wide range of ceiling roses with over 100 designs from years gone by and also new creations, which we have made in more recent times.

If we do not have a ceiling rose to match your existing we can reproduce your existing one for you.

If you are looking for the vented look in your ceiling rose, there are some that can be vented during the manufacturing process. If you paint behind the rose with black paint prior to installation you will get this effect.

We use only the best materials to produce our traditionally handmade roses, and we take great pride in the techniques we use in the manufacturing process, which makes our products strong and manageable.